17 November 2011

Hey Everyone,

I hope all has been going well. Some things have been developing on the Foodscape front. Things have been getting organized and there are some good projects in the wings for the winter in preparation for spring. New resources have been popping up for us to use, seeds are being planted, and workshops are being planned. We have some properties that have been on hold waiting to be developed, and your help will be absolutely valuable in that process.

Upcoming workshops will include:
  • site analysis and permaculture design (how can we make the most of different home environments. you don't even have to use a shovel! i can wear sandals! in winter!)
  • vermiculture and bin building (why and how to do it)
  • seed starting and plant maintenance
  • other creative things (water conservation? irrigation? who knows?!)
Here is a short list of things happening very soon. We need volunteers to help! Can you be one?


18 November 2011 (this Friday, sorry for late notice) 10am - 3pm - Mulching + Cleaning @ Virginia Ave lot (click for map)
  • More mulching, weeding and cleanup of Virginia Ave lot. I have been incorrectly calling this the Chestnut lot, but, better to say Virginia. 
  • Discussion of upcoming projects for this space (large scale worm composting system / / planting / / restoration)
  • Discussion of the recently built mounds 
  • Bring gloves, snack and water if you can!
  • If anyone with a truck would like to help pick up mulch, that would be awesome!
27 November 2011 (Sunday) 12:00pm - 2:30pm - Worm Bin Construction: workshop and discussion @ Virginia Ave lot (click for map)
  • We will build some large bins to serve as our onsite vermiculture compost.
  • Discussion of the science of worm compost / soil building. How soil is alive.

More to come very soon! Email any questions, comments or suggestions.

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