28 January 2012

UPDATE: Foodscape needs help, seed starting for all, urban oasis

Hello all.

Sorry things have been slow on my end. Lots of necessary reorganization has been happening. I am looking for administrative help from anyone willing to volunteer. I particularly need creative & ambitious folks who would be interested in: grant writing, outreach, fundraising, and managing small scale projects (say, a backyard). Please pass the word along if you know interested others. Foodscape is needing to mature! We have properties waiting to be developed, but it just cannot happen without time, money and participation. Is that too obvious?

SEED STARTING PARTY TOMORROW, Sunday 28 January @ 11am - 740 Roswell Ave (sorry, I know it is last minute)
  • This is the start of what I would like to have become the (hopefully ongoing) People's Nursery project. Growing/accessing real food is a right in my view, and I want these plants to be more available to people. These plants will go to Foodscape farms and neighbors who like to share. I would like to invite you folks to my house to plant some seeds, clean some space, drink tea, and maybe snack on plants. I will have plenty of materials here (I think), but bring what you can if you happen to have it (seeds, containers, soil). I will demonstrate and discuss how to prepare a proper seed starting mix. We might do some other yard work if we want to get crazy! Want to take some of your favorite planted veggies home? Okay! I have a no-chase policy. We'll talk about that tomorrow. Bring snacks to share if you'd like (meat free, preferably vegan).
  • A new project at The HUB. For those who don't know, The Hub is a not for profit organization, also part of the Catalyst Network of Communities, bicycle shop for people to learn about how to fix their bike (for $5/hr!), work toward earning a bike, purchasing cheap parts, etc. It's a great spot. They have a large parking lot area that is going to become an "Urban Oasis," a learning/demonstrating space for folks in the city to come and learn about how to live more sustainably in the city. This project will entail a lot of work, planning, and resource hunting. Anyone interested in helping plan/develop, email me with questions. Next meeting is next Sunday (5 February) @ the Hub. I'll send another reminder out this week.

Keep up the good fight folks.


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