15 June 2012

Updates! Work at Josue's this weekend // Green LB // Urban Oasis

Hello all,

      Thank you everyone who passed through at the Green Festival last Saturday. It was great to meet a lot of new people and see a lot of familiar faces. Green Long Beach did a great job organizing the event this year and everyone seemed to be having a good time. I look forward to seeing some of those new folks playing in the soil with us very soon. Updates on projects below.

Josue Posada's House

      We are going to be back in the garden this weekend at Josue's House. Sunday, June 17 from 10 - 3ish we will be there. Activities will including building mounded planter beds, running some micro-irrigation lines, planting another tree and planting other vegetables. We will be gathering more soil ahead of time.

  • Located at 428 E 14th St, Long Beach CA, 90801. Please bring water, work gloves, snacks and hat. They are super handy! If you have means, please bring a signed copy of the work waiver. A copy is attached. We will have copies available there also.
  • If you are a time bank member, let us know so we can compensate you with time dollars.

Urban Oasis

      There is now funding for the previously mentioned Urban Oasis project at The HUB. We will be arranging a series of workshops oriented around constructing the project soon. Very exciting news so if you are interested in this project, keep an eye out for what is coming up. Here are some quick details on the project:

  • We are creating a stimulating, inspiring and educational space for people to see working examples of how to live more sustainably in the city. The Urban Oasis will essentially be composed of creative planter boxes, edible and native plants, and composting and water harvesting features. We are looking to gather materials that can be used as large containers that we can put on wheels. The short list of things we are interested in:
  • Truck beds
  • 5 gallon / large buckets (check with local restaurants and grocery delis about their food grade plastic buckets. also, property management companies tend to have a lot of plastic buckets from paint / spackle.)
  • Bath tubs, sinks, or other large porcelain things! (we really want tubs)
  • Scrap wood / old pallets are useful for lots of things.
  • Contact us via email to come pick up things if you have difficulty with transporting them. We would preferably like to collect them at The Hub if you have the means. Let us know what you'd like to bring.

Thank you all for your interest. It looks like we will be getting to share a lot of knowledge and good work this summer.


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