23 September 2013

Chestnut Updates // Special Events


We are so excited to be moving forward with work on the Chestnut Lot. We have been so glad that so many members of the community have participated with us this last year in making the Chestnut Lot a reality! It has been an amazing year to see the transformation at the lot as well as the real connections that have been built in out community.

Foodscape is very excited to participate with the 3rd annual Catalyst assembly... Join us on Sat. Sept 21st from 11am-5pm at Trinity Lutheran Church - 759 Linden Ave in Long Beach 90813.

The Chestnut lot is entering a new phase this fall, with the achievement of receiving a grant to help fun the lot there are several projects with we are looking forward to doing very soon and hope that you will be able to join us!
  1. Building a circular earthen shed for tools and such.
  2. Putting in a drip irrigation system that helps the sustainability of regular watering.
  3. Building a aquaponics pond (we already have the water plants!)
  4. Developing new structures which enhance the beauty and exhibit the Lot as the art piece that it is!
  5. On going harvesting and planting of food and crops.

We hope to see you soon, our regular volunteer days are Thursdays and Sundays from 9:30am-12:00pm -- come learn about the amazing new projects and get your hands dirty!

Thank you,

Foodscape Long Beach


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