28 March 2012

Urban Oasis @ The Hub / / Nursery Network

Hello all,

We have been in the process of planning out some projects that are about to really take shape. We are inhibited, however, by a lack of materials/funding at our disposal. We are looking for some specific things for our projects. Here are some things we need, if you could please help by saving them if you come across them. Here are the project descriptions and things we need.

The Urban Oasis Project @ The Hub (fellow Catalyst collaborative partner)

We are creating a stimulating, inspiring and educational space for people to see working examples of how to live more sustainably in the city. The Urban Oasis will essentially be composed of creative planter boxes, edible and native plants, and composting and water harvesting features. We are looking to gather materials that can be used as large containers that we can put on wheels. The short list of things we are interested in:

  • Truck beds
  • 5 gallon / large buckets (check with local restaurants and grocery delis about their food grade plastic buckets. also, property management companies tend to have a lot of plastic buckets from paint / spackle.)
  • Bath tubs, sinks, or other large porcelain things! (we really want tubs)
  • Scrap wood / old pallets are useful for lots of things.
Contact us via email to come pick up things if you have difficulty with transporting them. We would preferably like to collect them at The Hub if you have the means. Let us know what you'd like to bring. Collection times to be posted soon.

Nursery Network Project
We are looking to create a farther reaching network in Long Beach that enables folks who do not have access to land the ability to participate in and contribute urban agriculture projects. The Nursery Network Project will make seed starting materials available to the volunteer public, they will get free workshops about seed starting, start seeds and home and then (hopefully) be the ones to put those plants in the ground somewhere in the Farm Network. Plants are quite expensive and to spread out the cost of starting so many plants will subsidize costs to the organization as well as enable more people to contribute in some way. If you have nursery trays / containers we can certainly use them. If you would like to participate on a larger scale (starting more plants for us) that is also very helpful. More project details to follow.

Please forward the information on to your friends and neighbors and schools. We are very excited to move forward on these projects!

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