30 April 2012

Urban Oasis + Josue Posada's House

Hello all,

We have lots coming together in the wings right now. Here is a quick news update.

- The Chestnut Ave lot we were working on over late summer (near 7th St on Chestnut Ave) was thought to be getting sold. However, recent the proprietors have recently recanted and asked Foodscape to come back and help them with the lot. This time, we have submitted a long term proposal / agreement, and look to be doing a slightly larger scale remediation of that space. I know some of you were upset that we were not able to continue with that space, but, this new situation looks promising and more productive. We will be working more closely with the property owners and mangers to run some higher quality programming there.

- We have been donated some very nice ready to plant Valencia Orange trees! They will be going into the next yards we are planting. Organizing has been stepped up a bit to try and get these trees in the ground. Thank you very much to Jeff Rowe and The Great Park in Irvine for those.

- We are still needing materials for the The Urban Oasis Project at The Hub (http://hublb.com/). The list of things we are looking for again are:
  • Truck beds
  • 5 gallon / large buckets (check with local restaurants and grocery delis about their food grade plastic buckets. also, property management companies tend to have a lot of plastic buckets from paint / spackle.)
  • Bath tubs, sinks, or other large porcelain things! (we really want tubs)
  • Scrap wood / old pallets are useful for lots of things.
* * * Donations to help us purchase / gather some of the materials from would be extremely helpful also. You can donate to us through WePay here (https://www.wepay.com/donations/urban-oasis--the-hub). Anything helps!

- May 12 + 13 we will convert Josue Posada's front and backyard into edible landscape! We need as many folks as are available between 9:30 am and 4 pm to help with the work on these days. The second day of work is contingent upon whether or not we can finish on the 12th. Volunteers will get some hands-on experience installing an edible landscape using permaculture principles. He lives near the intersection of Atlantic Ave and 14th St on the Westside of Long Beach. Please RVSP by responding. I will send address details, work waiver form, and other info.
* * * If you would like to help fiscally support this project (which we very much need that help), you can donate to our general fund here (https://www.wepay.com/donations/foodscapelb_funds).

Many of you have been very supportive of what we are trying to do in Long Beach. The positive feedback has been extremely affirming and helpful. What a lovely community we share. More to come soon!

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